REFUGEE Hospitality and Tech Rider 

General Provisions 

The following Rider represents the requirements of the ARTIST

Backline Requirements: 

Guitar Amps 

Fender Twin guitar amps or equivalent 

(1) Marshall JCM800 or Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier or equivalent 

(1) Hartke Bass amp or equivalent 

(3) Guitar racks that each hold 4 guitars 

(1) Single guitar rack 


(1) 5 piece drum kit with hi hat and cymbal. Yamaha, or equivalent 

● 22" kick drum 

● 10" rack Tom 

● 12" rack tom 

● 16" floor Tom 

● 14" snare drum 

● 16" and 18" crash cymbals hardware 

● 20" ride cymbal hardware 

● 14" hi-hats hardware 

● 1-snare stand 

● 1-drum throne/kick pedal 

 (1) extra cymbal stand 

Keys 1 

Korg Kronos (61 or 88) with sustain and volume pedal 

Yamaha MX49 or 61 with sustain and volume pedal 

Double tier keyboard stand 

Keys 2 

(1)Yamaha MX61 with sustain pedal 

Single tier keyboard stand 

Keyboards can use 2 Roland KC550’s or go direct 


(4) vocal mics (SM58’s or equivalent) 

(1) mic for harmonica (can use same vocal mic if necessary) 

(4-5) standard tri pod mic stands with booms 

6 Towels on stage 

*A dressing room very close to stage or a pipe and drape dressing area for costume changes to include: 

● (1) wardrobe rack with hangers 

● Mirror 

● Adequate Backstage Lighting 

● chair 

Note: Any substitutions need to be cleared with artist before finalizing. 


(8) Hot dinners 

          Vegan and Gluten free option (salad with chicken) 

(10) bottles of water (room temp) 

(1) Fresh fruit platter 

(1) 2 liter bottle of cola 

Clean Ice 

16 Cups 

Coffee Service with appropriate condiments 

*Itemized instrument list available upon request