REFUGEE Hospitality and Tech Rider 

General Provisions 

The following Rider represents the requirements of the ARTIST

Backline Requirements: 

Guitar Amps 

Fender Twin guitar amps or equivalent 

(1) Marshall JCM800 or Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier or equivalent 

(1) Hartke Bass amp or equivalent 

(3) Guitar racks that each hold 4 guitars 

(1) Single guitar rack 


(1) 5 piece drum kit with hi hat and cymbal. Yamaha, or equivalent 

● 22" kick drum 

● 10" rack Tom 

● 12" rack tom 

● 16" floor Tom 

● 14" snare drum 

● 16" and 18" crash cymbals hardware 

● 20" ride cymbal hardware 

● 14" hi-hats hardware 

● 1-snare stand 

● 1-drum throne/kick pedal 

 (1) extra cymbal stand 

Keys 1 

Korg Kronos (61 or 88) with sustain and volume pedal 

Yamaha MX49 or 61 with sustain and volume pedal 

Double tier keyboard stand 

Keys 2 

(1)Yamaha MX61 with sustain pedal 

Single tier keyboard stand 

Keyboards can use 2 Roland KC550’s or go direct 


(4) vocal mics (SM58’s or equivalent) 

(1) mic for harmonica (can use same vocal mic if necessary) 

(4-5) standard tri pod mic stands with booms 

*A dressing room  or a pipe and drape dressing area for costume changes to include: 

Rack with hangers 

● Mirror 

● Adequate Backstage Lighting 


(6) Hot dinners 

          Gluten free option (salad with chicken) 

Bottles of water (room temp) 

(1) Fresh fruit platter 


Clean Ice 

Coffee/Tea Service with appropriate condiments 

*Itemized instrument list available upon request